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Clarity in squares 40 by Balambao Clarity in squares 40 :iconbalambao:Balambao 1 0 Character for a Friend by Balambao Character for a Friend :iconbalambao:Balambao 0 2
Blending Blindly: Chapter 4
Interview with a Tiger man
“Nathanial does not speak of me?” Both white eyebrows rising at my lack of recognition. “I am not titled as humans are, though I am a result of a human and other union. I am a stand in for my father. He can change to a more convincing human.” The muscles in his arms rippled as he drew a finger along one stripe. I remembered listening to the little speaker box on the exhibition perch say that a tiger’s skin is striped like its fur. His eyes locked on mine “Your eyes…” he trailed off. I blinked a few times, realizing that I forgot my colored contacts this morning.
Turning to hide my face I said “I still do not know what to call you. Surely you don’t like being called Snow Frost.” With the loss of eye contact I could feel him shedding my empathic connection. He chuckled, a deep rattle of stone.
“Ah, the name given to my father by a contest winner I believe.
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Ware Wolf Head Concepts by Balambao Ware Wolf Head Concepts :iconbalambao:Balambao 3 4 'Can-O-Snape' by Balambao 'Can-O-Snape' :iconbalambao:Balambao 0 0 Lefty in Color by Balambao Lefty in Color :iconbalambao:Balambao 0 0 Lady Lefty by Balambao Lady Lefty :iconbalambao:Balambao 0 1 Chibi Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Vector by Balambao Chibi Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Vector :iconbalambao:Balambao 0 0 Garg: Rawr by Balambao Garg: Rawr :iconbalambao:Balambao 0 0 Dog Commission by Balambao Dog Commission :iconbalambao:Balambao 2 7 Balambao Brush Set 1 by Balambao Balambao Brush Set 1 :iconbalambao:Balambao 1 0 PikaCHUUUUoouuuUU by Balambao PikaCHUUUUoouuuUU :iconbalambao:Balambao 0 2
Blending Blindly: Chapter 3

2,920 mornings later
                There is a man, older than me. He is standing on a dock. He looks back at me, his smile is cold. His eyes are on fire, I burn. I can see mother. My first mother is holding me, I am new. I am abandon, left behind… She fears me. We are hunting, running. “Missy” a voice calls to me, my essence returns to the present .I have had this dream at least once a week for the last eight years. I have no clue what it means. I do have an eking suspicion that it's more of a memory. I can only hope that it will some day help me understand myself.              
After Nathanial found me he showed me the human world. He also showed me his heritage, how to maintain the passage through the ether. You see, the children of the wood are gate keepers. This world is a jigsaw puzzle, tiny
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Random Vector by Balambao Random Vector :iconbalambao:Balambao 0 0
Blending Blindly: Chapter 2
With Open Eyes
As I was guided through the forest by Nathanial, the colors began to drain away. Slowly the fine detail drained out as well. This was not because of the falling sun or a dramatic change in my eye sight. Something was happening; each step we took drained more detail away from our surroundings. Until they began to be replaced with other details like; the straight outline of un-natural objects. The ground became hard and even, voices emitted from a smooth object off to one side. Words leapt forward in my head as each new thing came into focus: Radio, counter, couch, television… Nathanial made a grunting noise and tried to shake off my hand. Apparently I had been gripping tighter as the transition from woods to home was taking place. I let go startled and took a few steps back, tripping backwards and landing on the couch. My elbow smacked hard into the edge of a stone basin. I wiped a hand over my elbow to check it was not bleeding.
Assured that I was not injured enou
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Blending Blindly: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Lost and Found
I scream and cry, mother is gone. For a moment I saw her face and knew her to be such, gone now. She left me here the smell is rancid and there is little light. A sound, breathing, short and rapid. I silence, be still my mind tells me, and it is safer this way. Air moves about my face, vision not something I have perfected yet. My skin tingles, the smells become sharper. I cough to ease my breath, a sound that I have yet to hear emerges from my throat instead. "yip" High and pleading, I am scared. A face shimmers in front of my eyes, a new mother. She wines with concern, smelling of damp earthy things. She picks me up off the heap I was placed. Mother takes me away into further darkness, she glows though, I watch her.
~Four years later~
I am running with the pack, stumbling through the underbrush. My skin catches on the thorny things, it does not matter. We have found prey, I must hurry. They need me to slow it down; we always catch our prey if
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Margaret Balambao
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am a freelance digital artist, traditional commissions will be considered.

Borne in 1986, a Cali girl at heart. I now reside in North Carolina.

I started drawing at a young age and despite all of the discouragement... I worked hard to hone my skills and learn programs.

It was not until I was in the 6th grade that I started getting really serious. I spotted someone in the back of the buss drawing. Amazed at her style I tried to emulate it. The person at the back of the buss was Jamie Baxter :iconkiwi-girl: . Who has not posted in forever... Its funny how little things change someones life. If I never saw her drawing and got the nerve to ask her about it ... I may not have ever gotten serious about art. I also pass on the kindness she showed, by helping other young artists whenever i can. Of course... I'm Obnoxious about it! =)

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